A day with Elephant

Show case your love to elephant . Since the elephant are most loved animals in Chitwan ,Nepal , here in this trip you can understand the relations between elephant and their owner, you can spend whole day with elephant by preparing food for them , bathing them , moisturizing them with oils, painting them , feeding them and having evening walk with them .

Both elephants , there owners, there caretaker shares an amazing relation , which we try to portray to our guests .

Major Activities in Chitwan

For the guest who are more into the nature , we furnish them with the individual activities to them . The activities below and others like Elephant Bathing , Local cultural Dance , Tower night stay are also served as per guest choice and demand .

Chitwan Elephant Safari
Elephant Safari
Jeep Safari in Chitwan
Jeep Safari
Canoeing in Rapti River
Canoe Ride
Jungle Walk in Chitwan
Jungle Walk
Chitwan bird watching tour
Bird Watching Tour
Elephant Breeding Center, Chitwan
Elephant Breeding Center