ChitwanBird watching tour

Chitwan National Park , a habitat of 555 approx. species of birds has been considered as one of the perfect place for bird watching in Nepal . All around the 942 Sq. KM of national park and its buffer zones these various , migrating as well as all season birds chirp and fly all around and there is when we can spot them , there varieties , do there characterization . The different species of birds found in Chitwan National park which can be varieties of kingfishers , Peacocks , Storks , Bulbul Bird , Eagles , Ruddy Shelduck.

These varieties of birds are often sighted during the jungle safari activities. The Chitwan bird watching tour is organized where an experienced Nature Guides will assist our guests. Normally for birdwatching tour , we go insIde the Jungle , River banks , the plain grass lands where there is higher chances of spotting birds.