Memorable visit to Chitwan National Park for your best accommodation

Daily Departure to Chitwan National Park

Jungle Safari Resort

Nepal is a country which is small in size, but enormous in hospitality. Next to the friendly people there is also a beautiful landscape. In the north you will find the Himalaya and in the south a beautiful jungle which is full of wildlife.

In this last part you will find the Chitwan National Park. This park is known as one of the most beautiful reservations in the world. To enjoy your stay at Chitwan there is one of the good option is Jungle Safari Resort. The resort was among the first in Chitwan and is still very active. The staff is friendly, helpful en experienced. Not only in making your stay comfortable, but also enjoyable as the guides of the hotel are among the best in the region.

The staff is trained in the English language and provides you with all the service you can expect. In the resort you will not be treated as a guest, but as a part of the Jungle Safari family.

Chitwan Activities